EECO Farm is a non-profit enterprise that cares for 42 acres of East Hampton land.  In turn, EECO Farm leases gardens and parcels to individuals, families, and commercial farmers who agree to use organic methods of growing. Of the 120 gardeners who tend 20' x 20' gardens, skills range from the novice to the very experienced. They support each other and learn from their neighbors, as well as the master gardeners on site. EECO Farm provides water, compost, and advice, along with regular seminars and workshops on relevant subjects. We enjoy potluck dinners and social events.


Commercial farmers, chefs, and beekeepers lease acres and subscribe to the pledge of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) -- guaranteeing safe, sustainable, and chemical-free produce. A wide range of organic vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown at EECO and sold to local stores, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and the EECO Farm Stand.


Since composting is an essential element of organic growing, EECO has dedicated five acres to a large-scale compost operation that is run in cooperation with a landscape contractor. Town and Village highway crews bring leaves, and local carters bring stable waste. These materials are combined with others to make top-quality compost for gardeners and farmers.


EECO Outreach offers the experience and expertise of our farming and gardening communities to local institutions who are thinking about, planning, or actually creating a garden, outdoors or indoors.   Whether it's a high school garden or a senior citizens' tomato patch, we can be of assistence.  If it grows, we can help. 

East End Community Organic Farm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that leases the land from the Town. Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law. Everyone who works at EECO Farm, including the board of directors, is a volunteer and receives no remuneration for their tireless efforts.